Meet Dr. Laura Batson

Introducing the Balance Healing Centre's newest addition:  

Dr. Laura Batson is a licensed naturopathic doctor or ND with over ## years of experience. 

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Dr. Laura Batson's Story

Dr. Laura Batson, ND is a licensed naturopathic doctor who is passionate about social justice and safe, accessible healing spaces for all. She has special interests in treating addiction recovery, anxiety and depression, burnout, hormonal health, gut health, and mind/body/spirit integration. 

Dr. Batson completed her 4-year naturopathic medicine degree from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, where she also completed a 12-month residency in the Adjunctive Cancer Care unit at the Robert Schad Naturopathic Clinic. In her own words: 

My journey to becoming a naturopathic doctor began not long after reading the following passage from a complementary and alternative medical text:

“In ancient and indigenous healing systems, medicine was not about the putting of things into the body but using external resources to help stimulate the internal resources of the body. The body heals itself and maintains its own health.”

My approach is holistic: mind, body, spirit, and community. I believe healing comes from within while being supported from the outside. My role is to provide the external resources and safe space to facilitate your healing journey. My goal is to gain an understanding of the underlying causes of your health concerns. I then combine modern medical science, together with traditional healing therapies, to create a treatment plan that addresses the underlying causes of your concerns. Therapies may include holistic nutrition, herbal medicine, Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, Shamanic Reiki, and coaching in mind-body medicine including guided imagery and meditation.

I am passionate about education and creating spaces for people to learn in “nonlinear” ways. This passion has led to part-time faculty positions at the Ottawa Institute of Holistic Nutrition, the Compass Centre for Self-Directed Learning, as well as developing a community healing course called Revolution Medicine. You can find more about me and my courses at:

I look forward to meeting you and the honour of being part of your healing journey. 

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