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'I started receiving acupuncture from Emily about a year and a half ago when I was under heavy anxiety and stress.  Because of Emily's treatments, nutritional knowledge and general guidance I have managed to minimize the effects of stress on my health and for the most part am anxiety free. Thanks Emily :)'                                                                                                       

                                                                                                                         Deep River Resident




'For several months, I suffered from chronic neck and arm pain associated with cervical spine osteoarthritis.  Conventional medicine (pain killers, antiinflamatories, muscle relaxants) had little or no effect; massage and chiropractic adjustments helped a little, but didn’t fix it.  My arm ached constantly, my fingers were going numb, and I was having difficulty working on the computer (a problem, as much of my work is computer based). 


Emily treated me with acupuncture, and provided me with more pain relief than I had managed in months.  The first treatment far exceeded my expectations, reducing pain by probably 80%.  Subsequent treatments have resolved the pain completely. 


I continue with acupuncture, as it has also proved very effective at reducing stress:  I sleep far better after a session, and am far more able to cope with stress both at work and at home.  I’m sure that acupuncture has its limitations, as do all therapies, but highly recommend it as another tool to increase well being and resolve pain.'

                                                                                                                                               Sara C.

'My left thumb had been numb and tingly for a few years.  After one treatment and only one needle Emily got the feeling in my thumb back.  I continue to see Emily for a range of health concerns including bowel regulation, anxiety and cancer therapy support all of which she has helped me with immensely.'  



'Emily is a very caring practitioner who is passionate about healing and nutrition. I suffer from chronic jaw and facial pain due to TMD. After a single treatment, the pain and mobility were significantly improved and there has since been further improvement from a follow up treatment. Not only has the pain diminished, but this has helped my quality of sleep and overall state of health.  I highly recommend Emily at Ottawa Valley Acupuncture and Nutrition!'  



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