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Price List

Many private insurance policies offer coverage for acupuncture services.  Please check your policy to see if you are covered for acupuncture performed by a registered acupuncturist. 

Emily is registered with the Blue Cross which means veterans, RCMP and Canadian Armed Forces are covered when referred by a doctor.  

Gift certificates are available.

Acupuncture & Cupping



Initial Consultation                              $145

     90 minutes;  includes intake & treatment


Acupuncture                                         $85
     50 minutes   

Acupuncture + Cupping                      $120

     75 minutes

Cupping                                                $65

     30 minutes                                         


Facial Rejuvination

Facial Rejuvination Initial                  $175

     105 minutes

Facial Rejuvination Follow-up           $135

     75 minutes

Acupressure & Tui Na Massage

Initial Consultation                                $145

        includes intake,

        diagnosis & a 30 min treatment


60 minute treatment                            $140

30 minute treatment                            $75

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